Sunday, 1 March 2015

The presentation of Kalamata


  1. Very nice presentation!!
    I cant wait to go to Kalamata on April!!

  2. It was very interesting for me your presentation because I could read about your history.
    I liked your railways so much! They remind me Harry Potter.
    The Kalamata Castle is so cool too.
    I am anxious to know Kalamata.
    Noelia Blanco

  3. It is a beautiful place!!!
    I am going to take pari in the meeting in Rome, but I would like to visit Kalamata


  4. I can´t wait for visit Kalamata on April and see you again there.
    I think that Kalamata it's a very beautiful and interesting place and I am so happy to travel there.
    I think that it will be a very good experience know new people and greek culture.
    I can't believe that in only one month I am going to stay in Kalamata.
    This month will be eternal for me,I can't wait!!
    See you soon! :)

    Sara López