Friday, 1 May 2015

Kalamata, Basic Greek Language lessons


  1. It was a very good and funny experience learned words in greek,because for us,the greek is difficult,but,nevertheless,we learned a lot of things (only basic things haha).
    We had a very good teachers of greek who taught us a lot of words like the days(Deftera,Triti,Tetarti...etc),the numbers (ena,dio,tria,tessera,pente...ect),and nice words like efjaristó,sagapó,paracaló,ómorfos...So,thaks so much to all of the students that taught us all of this words.
    We spent a lot of moments all togheter and we had a lot of new friends,It was a very nice and good experience,so,tanks for all to all of the people in the Erasmus+ Proyect because all of the moments and memories thah we have,wouldn't be possible without them.

    ευχαριστώ πολύ <3

    Sara López

  2. I would like to say that the Greek lessons were an unforgettable experience.
    The Greek student who gave me classes was so nice and so good explaining us the Greek language.

    I like so much the song on the video.


  3. The Greek lessons were awesome.
    It was a wonderfull experience and I learned a lot of usefull words very helpfull for my next time on Greece.

    Thanks so much to the teacher and the wonderfull students that helped me along this journey. Theodora and Gyorgos thank you so much.