Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Decissions taken in Radom

According to our schedule, the fourth  transnational meeting of the project took place in Radom, Poland from 18th to 25th of  October.

We organized the stpes of the project and reached agreements about the organizacion and the implementation of Tourism for teenagers.

This is the summary made by our coordinator Giorgio Marsan

1)      Students should write on etwinning ( ) their best memories of their trips (Radom, but also Kalamata and Poio). To do this they need their username and password and go to “FORUMS”

2)      We should create the usernames and passwords for the other students. To do it, log in on twinspace; then go to this project (if you have only this one this passage does not exist); click on “MEMBERS”; click on “Invite new members”; click on “pupils”; add name and surname of “new pupils” and VERIFY; write the password  and finally confirm.

3)      Students should also write on the PADLETS. They have already been created. They are: “What have I learnt from this project?”; “What is worth experiencing in the areas involved in the project?” and “What Have I learnt from this project?”. To write on the padlets you only have to double click on the board and write (or upload images, videos, sounds, documents). I think that the padlets should have pictures and short texts.

4)      We should fill the evaluations as soon as possible. It is already online .

5)      MEETING IN PRIBRAM: we agreed to arrive on Sunday 7th February and finish on Saturday 13th February

6)      During the meeting in Pribram we are going to create the multilingual conversational guide with audio. I

7)      By now we all probably know who are the students who will go to Pribram or to Rome, so please send the list to Hanka and to me if possible.

8)      MEETING IN ROME: we agreed to meet in the week between Saturday 9th and Sunday 16th April

9)      We should continue the work on the final GUIDEBOOK. If you have anything to say regarding the Spanish or the Greek parts, say it, so they can possibly change something. The Polish should work on it as soon as possible. We agreed that the whole guidebook must be ready when we meet in Rome. To make it like a book you can follow the following instructions:

10)   To create a book online: a) go to; b) create an account (email address, username, password); c) open a word document and create your document with text, images, etc.; d) go back to issuu and sign in; e) if it is the first time you do it, to upload a file you have to follow an easy procedure on the screen (I did it, it is very easy): when you have finished it, select a file; f) publish and open it; g) go to share (bottom of page); h) copy the embed code (only the code); i) go to the blog “”; j) log in into the blog; k) click on the pencil icon; l) write a title; m) click on HTML; n) paste (copy) the embed code; o) publish.

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