Sunday, 24 January 2016

Collaborative work among the students on eTwinning

As for our eTwinning project, communication and interaction among the partner schools is necessary for them to get to know each other, work, share results and/or make decisions together as they carry out the different tasks of the project. 

This criterion evaluates the quality of the communication activities that the teachers design for/with their partners and students with the purpose of sharing the work done on the topics involved in the project. 

 We are working on the twinspace using the foros after the transnational meetings 

We are also  writing on the four  collaborative padlets 
“What have I learnt from this project?”, 
“What is worth experiencing in the areas involved in the project?” 
“How has the project changed my live?”. 

What have i learnt in partners' native languages?

To write on the padlets you only have to double click on the board and write (or upload images, videos)


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