Monday, 5 January 2015

First transnational meeting in Pribram

According to our schedule, the first transnational meeting of the project took place in Pribram, Czech Republic,  from 3th to 6th of  December.

We organized the first stpes of the project and reached agreements about the organizacion and the implementation of Tourism for teenagers.

This is the summary made by our coordinator Giorgio Marsan


The meetings will normally last 7 days (6 nights).

In Spain from Sunday 22 February to Saturday 28 February;

In Greece from Saturday 18 April to Friday 24 April (some groups might stay in Athens before the exchange, some after);

In Poland in the week between Sunday 4 October and Sunday 11 October;

In the Czech Republic  in the week between Sunday 21 February and Sunday 28 February;

In Rome in the week between Sunday 17 April and Sunday 24 April.


The HOSTS will provide:
1)      The final goodbye dinner;
2)      The local transport (that is, the transport home-school and in general in the place where we stay);
3)      One day (half day) trip;
4)      The accommodation, which includes breakfast and dinner.

The GUEST will pay for:
1)      The trip (flight, transfers);
2)      All teachers’ expenses (hotel, food, etc.)
3)      Lunches abroad;
4)      Special stay in big cities (Athens, Warsaw or Krakow), which are not included in the activities of the project (bit we will visit Prague and Santiago d.C. as a day trip during the meeting – and in Rome the city is part of the exchange)


1)      The Guidebook, (both paper and online) which is the fundamental output of the exchange. Each country will provide a brochure to be finished before the following meeting. All brochures will be officially presented during the last meeting in Rome and they will be collected in one single book in Rome
2)      Interactive Tourist Maps: during the meetings in Poland and Czech R. The other countries will provide pictures and short texts;
3)      LEARNING ACTIVITIES: in Spain, Greece and Rome there will be basic language lessons in Spanish, Greek and Italian, organized by the local teachers with the support of some local student. The Italians during the meeting in Spain will follow normal Spanish lessons. I advise the Greek to consider also a lesson on the alphabet.
In Poland and Czech R.: computer lessons, mainly about the Interactive Tourist Maps.
4)      The local activities will include sightseeing, sports, games, etc., possibly from the point of view of the students.
5)      A multilingual dictionary at the end of the Guidebook, including specifically words about: 1) tourism; 2) young people’s most common expressions

To implement our activities we could use “PREZI” ( and “ISSUU” (

Things to start doing:

1)      Once you get the STUDENTS’ PASSPORTS, have it filled by the students who will travel to Spain and send them immediately to Carmen;

2)      Decide if the SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE is OK, or tell everybody what you would like to change;

3)      Prepare a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION of your school and area to present once in Poio (5’ – 10’ min.);

4)      Ask students to draw a LOGO to be voted in Spain (they can prepare as many as they wish, but only one will be brought to Spain). In Spain 7 students per nation will vote: 5 pts. to the best, then 4, 3, 2, 1.

5)      SPAIN ONLY: brainstorming activity with your students: what do you want to show/do to/with your guests?

6)      SPAIN/GREECE: open the eTwinning site and once it is ready and approved, invite us;

7)      Hanka, open (or ask your students to do open) a FACEBOOK group where they can invite their friends. All the others: send to Hanka the names of those who participate in the exchange, so they can find them on the Net

8)      In Spain students will be divided in international groups from the very first moment

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