Sunday, 4 January 2015


The partners were chosen because all the schools already have some experience in the world of partnerships and exchanges, which is an added value, especially considering that this project is quite ambitious in its aims.

Liceo Scientifico Peano has a long experience in coordinating international partnerships and in participating in international projects of various kinds. Our partnership "Basic Guide to Survival in Europe", which dealt with prejudices and cooperation among European countries, can be a useful background to this project. The school teaches four foreign languages and prepares its pupils to the international certification for all of them up to C1 level; we also participate in several international activities, including the United Nations simulations both in Rome and in New York City; the presence in the school of several foreigners is an added value to the international atmosphere of the institute.

IES de Poio has a wide experience in working in international projects using ICTs. For the last 5 years they have worked in several e-Twinning projects. Some of them have been awarded National and European Quality Labels, as well as two National prizes and a European one. Moreover, they have experience in working in innovative educational projects using ICTs, and some of them have been published as best practices.

Gymnazium pod Svatou Horou has had great experience with international projects and they have been very beneficial for the whole community - not only the students and teachers but also the families and the local area. The projects have also discussed differences and similarities amongst European nations, however, from different points of view than it is proposed in this project, e.g. by studying and presenting national tales and stories by the means of the theatre. Also, the school is familiar with hosting large groups and organising international meetings which have always been very enjoyable. Further, e-Twinning platform has been used at this school as well.

ZSO nr 4 also has some experience in multilateral projects. They worked with 5 other schools on a Comenius project which aimed at developing cultural awareness and understanding cultural diversity.

4th Geniko Lykeio Kalamatas has had experience on previous Comenius partnerships and it has also carried out e-Twinning projects. The school also has some experience in the field of tourism. Therefore all school educational staff is convinced of the necessity to provide a European dimension to its pupils' education.

The partnership was established through informal contacts both online and during international meetings. All the partner schools have already been involved in some kind of European partnerships.
We intend to include – even though informally – the local authorities and municipalities, and possibly local sports and touristic associations, and none of them has ever been involved in this kind of projects.

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