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Program of the activities in Kalamata

Program  of the activities in Kalamata

Saturday  18 of April
All groups will arrive at Kalamata around 7:00-7:30 in the afternoon.
Host students and their families will wait for the guest students at school in order to welcome them and take them to their houses.
Guest teachers will find accommodation at their hotel.
In the evening, Greek teachers will have dinner together with guest teachers.

Sunday 19 of April
Day  trip  to Ancient Olympia(150 km far from Kalamata). Olympia  is the birth place of the Olympic games.
There, we will have a guided tour at the archaeological site and at the local museum, where masterpieces of ancient art are in exhibition.
In the ancient stadium, a group of 5 girls (one girl from each country), and a group of 5 boys (one boy from each country),  will compete in a short running race.
Lunch at a local restaurant
We will return to Kalamata  late  in the afternoon.

Monday 20 of April
In the morning  at school at 8:15.
1st hour: Tour of the school. A few minutes video presentation about Greece.
2nd and 3rd hours: Presentation of the five countries in the school hall.
4th and 5th hours: Basic Greek language lessons.
6th hour: Basketball and volleyball games in the schoolyard.
7th hour: getting experience of the lesson in a Greek classroom: a biology teacher will teach host students a lesson about cell.
In the afternoon, hiking along the beach.
While walking along the coast, we will have a stop at a hotel located by the beach, where an expert in tourism will give a  presentation on the touristic  development of  Kalamata.

Tuesday 21 of April
In the morning at school at 8:15
1st hour:  basic Greek language lesson.
2nd hour: brief information about next day’s trip  to Ancient Messene.
The rest of the activities of the  day, will take place outside the school.
a.  visit to the town hall.
b.  a guided visit  to the local archaeological museum.

In the afternoon, we’ll have a guided tour in  the historical center of Kalamata.

Wednesday 22  of April
Half day trip to Ancient Messene (25 km far from Kalamata). 
Guided tour at the archaeological site.
In Ancient Messene, an  international drama festival will be held for a week.  Schools coming from different parts of Europe  meet there   and give performances of ancient drama plays.
On that day, the theatrical group of our school will   perform  Ploutos.
Ploutos, is a comedy written by Aristophanis, the renowned playwright  of comedies in antiquity.
Lunch at a local restaurant.
We ΄ll be back to Kalamata early in the afternoon.

Thursday 23 of April
In the morning at school at 8:15
1st and 2nd hours:  basic Greek language lessons.
3rd hour: photo contest for the best photo taken in Poio.
4th hour:  drawing workshop.
5th,6th and 7th hours:  traditional Greek music and dances in the school hall.

Friday 24 of April
Departure of all groups

Some notes
1. Lessons start at 08:15 and finish at 14:05.
2. The daily school program includes 7 teaching hours, with 10 min  break between them.
·         1st      08:15-09:00
·         2nd     09:10-09:55
·         3rd     10:05-10:50
·         4th     11:00-11:40
·         5th     11:50-12:30
·         6th     12:40-13:20
·         7th     13:25-14:05

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