Sunday, 12 April 2015

Visit to Ancient Olympia

On Sunday 19 of April, we 'll have a guided visit to the archaeological site and museum of Ancient Olympia. Olympia is the birth place of the Olympic Games.

Here are some key words related with our visit there.
Training, wrestling, boxing, pagration, Filippeion(place for the worship of
Philip's ancestors),temple, altar, sacrifice, aqueduc, treasure houses,

pedestals or bases of statues, Echo, portico, Victory, stadium, ,judges,

priestess, priests, hostel, sacred oath, Workshop, Baths, Therms, Pediment,

Metope, statue, gold and ivory, residence, running, athletic events,

discus, javelin, jump, hippodrome, chariot race, horse race, length,

width, hill, monument, Olympic Academy.

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