Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Decissions taken in Poio

According to our schedule, the secondttransnational meeting of the project took place in Poio,  Spain  from 22th to 28th of  February.

We organized the stpes of the project and reached agreements about the organizacion and the implementation of Tourism for teenagers.

This is the summary made by our coordinator Giorgio Marsan

1)      Trip to Greece: on Saturday 18th April a coach will take us in the afternoon from the airport or from Athens and we’ll go to Kalamata all together; we’ll all leave Kalamata on Friday 24th early in the morning (8 o’clock).

2)      Trip to Radom: between Sunday 18th October and Sunday 25th October. Each will check the best dates for the flights and we will compare them in Kalamata so that after that we can all book the flights.

3)      We will all upload the presentations of our schools on the blog 

4)      We will upload the results of the questionnaires on the blog 

5)      The presentations will be presented again in Kalamata

6)      The Multilingual Dictionary: We need to complete it with two sections, one connected to tourism and another one with students’ slang 

7)      Students passwords and usernames for eTwinning

8)      We’ll invite students to comment on the blog and especially on the Forum in TwinSpace (“My best memories of Poio”: this has to include a comment on why should someone decide to visit Poio/Pontevedra);

9)      The Spanish team  will prepare the draft of the Tourist Guide and bring it to Kalamata;

10)   The logo will be officially put on all future documents we prepare.

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