Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Decisssions taken in Kalamata

According to our schedule, the third transnational meeting of the project took place in Kalamata , Greece from 18th to 24th of  April.

We organized the stpes of the project and reached agreements about the organizacion and the implementation of Tourism for teenagers.

This is the summary made by our coordinator Giorgio Marsan

1)      Trip to Poland: arrival in Warsaw on Sunday 18th October and departure on Sunday 25th October from Krakow. We are going directly from Warsaw to Radom by coach (try to choose the bigger airport in Warsaw which is in the south) each one separately (or we might go together if our flights arrive at the same time) 

2)      Trip to Pribram: between Saturday 13th to Sunday 21st February 2016. Once in Radom we will decide the exact days (and also the days of the final meeting in Rome);

4)      Those who haven’t uploaded their school/town presentations, please do it as soon as possible.

5)      Please, ask the students to upload other “Best memories of Poio” with pictures as well;

6)      Open a new page on the blog with “Best memories of Kalamata”, we could start uploading things on that as well: we also need the usernames and the passwords for the students who were in Kalamata (

7)      The draft of the tourist guide: now we are  completing the e-book from Spain (using www.issuu.com), including the translation is Spanish and Galician; please send Carmen a short comment “I would recommend visiting Poio/Pontevedra because…” (ask your students to do it). Then Carmen will send the pictures and the photos to me, so that I can start working on the paper tourist guide.

8)      Start doing the same for Kalamata.

9)      Next photo contest: let’s ask our students to decide which three pictures from Kalamata they want to use for the next contest in Radom: let’s remind them that the photos should be “typical” of the place (not pictures of people they could have taken anywhere) and one without people;

10)   Multilingual dictionary: you can find it attached: somebody could upload it in docs.google.com ; then, please, let your students fill the Spanish (Galician?) and Czech. Once in Radom we will devote some time to fill two more sections: tourism and colloquial expressions;

11)   Evaluation questionnaires: let’s write the results of the meeting in Kalamata immediately on our website/blog. 

12)   We will also work on a postcard

13)   Polish and Czech will agree on the organization of the ICT lessons/activities in Radom and Pribram (including the blog, photo presentations, docs.google, etwinning, postcard. Interactive map)

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